A more connected hospitality experience

Whether for sporting venues, corporate events, a restaurant or a gig, promokio makes it personal.

This unique customer engagement solution allows real-time, personalised messaging to be displayed to customers. They can interact directly with the smartscreen to register their interest, make purchases and more.

Promote, interact, engage and purchase – all on a one-to-one level.



Boost revenue whilst providing added value to sponsors


Customers can order food, drinks, merch and more


Bespoke content, richer engagements, more customer data


Payment integration for smoother transactions



Venue owners can use Promokio to push the very latest offers or messages, at exactly the right moment, and boost revenue streams as a result.

Promotions can be either pre-designed and scheduled, or created on the spot and distributed to all locations around a venue in seconds.

It also means sponsors have an added channel – but with this platform, you can decide how often, to whom, and when that sponsorship is displayed.


Fans can interact with you directly via Promokio-enabled smartscreen devices, ordering food, drinks, merch and more.

Deliver bespoke promotions or sponsor information right to your guests – justifying marketing spend while you get a greater ROI.

Live betting odds?
New drinks deals?
Tickets for your next event?

Whatever you need.



Create a richer customer experience by providing tailored content that suits your audience, and instantaneous status updates on orders.

Promokio’s reporting dashboard gives real-time information too, enabling you to make better decisions whilst collecting valuable data for sponsors and their marketing teams. You can:

  • Handle requests in priority order
  • Measure responses 
  • Understand your reach and engagement rates
  • Create an audit trail for sponsors


Enhance the customer experience further by allowing users to pay directly via the Promokio platform.

Our integration with Epos Now (and more platforms to come), simplifies the entire buying process for customers, meaning a more convenient, seamless transaction.


How it works

Promokio is a software-as-a-service platform that manages, publishes and tracks promotional messages to a network of promotional kiosks.


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A more connected hospitality experience.